Luomen: The Apothecary Diaries character explained

Luomen is an apothecary and Maomao’s adoptive father in The Apothecary Diaries. Hiroshi Yanaka and Stephen Miller voice the character.

Luomen is Maomao’s soft-spoken father and a well-versed apothecary who taught Maomao everything she knows.

Maomao tells Jinshi that he is her adoptive father and adds that he is a eunuch. She later finds out what might have led to the taking of his manhood in the court records.

Luomen often sends Maomao to the Verdigris House and tells her to be careful on her route, but her carelessness leads to her getting kidnapped and sold to the court.

Not much phases him and when she returns home for the first time, he is mostly pleased that she is alright.

When two bodies are found at the brothel, Maomao is called to investigate and she asks Luomen for his guidance in the case as well.

He advises her on approaching the investigation while ensuring that he does not interfere directly.

A significant past

When she is tasked with assisting Lady Ah-Duo and observing her court for any information, she learns that her father was the former court doctor.

He was sent abroad to learn about medicine by the erstwhile emperor which is quite a big honor.

He was present when Ah Duo and the Empress Dowager went into labor at the same time and the Dowager’s baby was given higher priority.

This meant that Ah-Duo’s child was born sick and didn’t survive for very long after.

There are also suggestions that Ah-Duo’s child was swapped and Luomen was expelled for not realizing it.

Maomao also hypothesizes that this is the reason the Dowager ordered that he be turned into a eunuch.

When her Maomao’s birth mother got syphilis, Luomen arrived at the brothel after being expelled from the palace, but the women there didn’t trust him.

He eventually gained their trust and began treating the courtesans whenever they needed it.

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