Lu Bu vs. Thor in Record of Ragnarok explained

The battle between Lu Bu and Thor in Record of Ragnarok stands as one of the most iconic confrontations in the series, showcasing a clash between a legendary Chinese warrior and the Norse god of thunder.

This explanation will break down their encounter based on the manga’s portrayal up to my last update.

Prelude to Battle

The Tournament of Survival

Record of Ragnarok sets the stage with a tournament that pits the greatest champions of humanity against gods to determine the fate of mankind.

The first round brings forth Lu Bu, the mightiest warlord of the Three Kingdoms era, against Thor, one of the mightiest gods in the Norse pantheon.

Selection and Anticipation

Lu Bu is selected as humanity’s first fighter for his unparalleled martial prowess and legendary status.

His desire to face a worthy opponent is fulfilled when Thor steps into the arena. The anticipation builds as both combatants are revered for their respective strengths in battle, promising an epic showdown.

The Combatants

Lu Bu, The Flying General

Lu Bu, known as the Flying General, is celebrated as one of the strongest warriors in human history. His feats on the battlefield are legendary, and his skill with the halberd is unmatched.

In Record of Ragnarok, he is depicted with immense physical strength and a fearless spirit, eager to test his might against a god.

Thor, The God of Thunder

Thor, with his iconic hammer Mjölnir, is a god known for his indomitable strength and ferocity in battle.

As a deity, he has fought and triumphed over giants and monsters, earning a reputation as one of the most powerful gods.

In the series, Thor’s presence is commanding, and his power is seemingly insurmountable, making him a formidable opponent for Lu Bu.

The Battle Commences

Clash of Titans

The battle begins with both warriors measuring each other’s strength. Lu Bu strikes with his halberd, Sky Piercer, which is capable of immense destruction.

Thor counters with swings of Mjölnir, each emitting thunderous power. The initial exchanges are fierce, with neither combatant giving ground, showcasing their battle-hardened skills.

A Display of Power

As the battle intensifies, Thor unveils the true might of Mjölnir, which has been held back by powerful gauntlets. Once unleashed, the hammer’s true form is revealed, and its blows carry the weight of thunderstorms.

In response, Lu Bu’s determination surges, and he pushes his martial arts to the limit, displaying the strength that made him a legend.

Strategies and Skills

Lu Bu’s Tactics

Lu Bu’s tactics revolve around his unparalleled skills as a warrior. He adapts to Thor’s rhythm, seeking openings and countering with precision.

His strategic mind, honed through countless battles, allows him to keep pace with a god, turning what many thought would be a one-sided fight into a true contest.

Thor’s Resolve

Thor, on the other hand, is not just a force of brute strength. His centuries of combat experience shine through as he anticipates and reacts to Lu Bu’s maneuvers.

The god’s composure and analytical prowess make him a daunting adversary, capable of matching wits and strength with the storied general.

The Climax

The Turning Point

The fight reaches its climax as both warriors prepare their ultimate techniques. Lu Bu executes a powerful attack that pushes Thor to his limits.

However, Thor’s divine nature becomes apparent as he withstands the onslaught and counters with a devastating blow, showcasing the gap between godly and human might.

The Outcome

In the end, the battle concludes with Thor emerging victorious, but not without acknowledging the strength and valor of Lu Bu.

The warlord’s performance earns the respect of the gods and humans alike, as he fought with the courage and strength that defined his legendary status.


The battle leaves a profound impact on all who witnessed it. Lu Bu’s fearlessness and Thor’s might are talked about with reverence, setting the tone for the battles to follow in the tournament.

The fight between man and god serves as a testament to the spirit of humanity and the awe-inspiring power of the divine.

The duel between Lu Bu and Thor in “Record of Ragnarok” is a narrative of sheer willpower against divine force. It encapsulates the themes of the series: the struggle for survival, the clash of titanic forces, and the valorization of humanity’s champions. 

While the outcome is bittersweet for humanity, the battle itself is a celebration of the human spirit’s indomitable nature, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

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