Lorraine: The Unwanted Undead Adventurer character explained

Lorraine Vivie is a major supporting character in The Unwanted Undead Adventurer. Mikako Komatsu voices the character in the anime.

In the past, Lorraine was bored by the world; nothing fascinated her as she achieved greatness as a scholar. 

She was awarded the title of the youngest great professor, but she felt unmoved by it. The title of great professor does allow her to register as a silver-rank adventurer. 

She would later head to the Border Kingdom of Taran alone, without telling anyone about it. She went there under the pretense of looking for a herb but in truth, she was just killing time. 

Relationship with Rentt

Lorraine has known Rentt for years now and whereas he has been at the same point in his journey to becoming a Mithril rank adventurer, Lorraine has achieved a lot in terms of knowledge. 

The guild was worried about her going alone in the forest so they assigned the beginner iron-rank adventurer Rentt Faina to her. 

He surprised her with his knowledge of herbs during the quest and also helped her defend against a monster. Impressed, she asked him to teach her about herbs and fighting. 

That was the beginning of Lorraine and Rentt’s relationship. Ever since then, he has been working hard to reach his goals and she has been watching over him while doing research that she loves. 

Throughout the years, the two have known each other and often met each other. She has always supported him, and the respect and affection have been mutual. 

However, Lorraine secretly loves Rentt, and he continues to be clueless about it, even when she tries dropping hints and expressing her affection. 

Lorrain lends a hand

After Rentt becomes an Undead, he comes to her and she recognizes him in no time, even with his body of a Ghoul. She wastes no time to begin helping him out either. 

Lorraine Rentt Faina The Unwanted Undead Adventurer
Lorraine and Rentt

She offers him a roof at her home and also begins her studies on his body as he’s such a fascinating and rare specimen, it would also help her understand how his Existential Evolution works. 

She employs her vast reserves of knowledge, as well as current experiments to better guide and teach Rentt regarding his new state of being. She helps keep his cannibalistic urges as a Ghoul in control. 

She uses her own blood to make a little drink that he can use in minute doses to keep himself from going berserk with cannibalistic urges. 

She also teaches him about the monsters, as well as how he’s able to transform into higher-level monsters through a process called Existential Evolution. 

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