Lihaku: The Apothecary Diaries character explained

Lihaku is a soldier who develops a rapport with Maomao in The Apothecary Diaries. Kenji Akabane and Seth Fuentes voice the character.

During the garden party, Lihaku goes around handing hairpins to multiple women in the hopes that one of them would benefit him later on.

He gifts one to Maomao, who initially doesn’t realize the significance of the hairpins. It is later explained to her that she could use it to ask for favors, such as a trip outside the palace.

She goes to Lihaku to claim her favor but he brushes her away after not recognizing her in her regular attire.

When she offers up a meeting with one of the three princesses of the Verdigris House, he graciously accepts the offer.

He gets to spend his time with Pairin, although his excursion with Maomao causes a misunderstanding with Jinshi.

A convenient ally

When an explosion occurs in one of the warehouses, Lihaku is tasked with investigating the incident.

Maomao happens to be passing by and takes an interest in the situation. After getting the details of the explosion, she experiments on her own and deduces the cause.

Later on, Lihaku rushes to tell Maomao that on the same night as the explosion in the warehouse, someone else had stolen some ceremonial tools from another warehouse.

He adds that the pipe they discovered at the scene of the explosion was refused by the owner, who stated that it was gifted to them by a court lady whom he escorted one night.

They trade information and Maomao begins to put the pieces together of some conspiracy, giving Lihaku just enough information for him to investigate it on his own.

Once again, Jinshi notices them plotting and watches from afar with longing because he wishes that he could share that kind of rapport with her.

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