Lee Joohee: Solo Leveling character explained

Lee Joohee is a healer who has accompanied Sung Jinwoo on several raids. In Solo Leveling, Rina Honnizumi and Dani Chambers voice Lee Joohee.

Having gone on numerous raids together, Joohee and Jinwoo are more like friends than colleagues.

Joohee constantly worries about Jinwoo, especially due to his frequent injuries on raids. During their joint missions, Joohee takes extra care to watch over him.

Her efficient healing has saved Jinwoo’s life on multiple occasions. It is largely thanks to Joohee’s healing prowess that Jinwoo has survived raids that could have killed him.

Joohee’s difficulty coping with pressure

Joohee is a skilled B-Rank healer. Despite that, she only participates in raids of E-Rank dungeons, as Joohee cannot handle pressure.

Joohee’s inability to handle pressure is her biggest weakness and keeps her from participating in raids that match her skill level.

One day, when Joohee’s group encounters a double dungeon during a raid, Joohee votes against raiding the second dungeon, as it is unknown just how dangerous the dungeon is.

Jinwoo votes to raid the dungeon, so the group enters the dungeon. Despite her hesitation, Joohee decides not to abandon Jinwoo.

The statues in the dungeon turn out to be more powerful than any of them had predicted, and the statues’ attack leaves Joohee shaken.

The fear makes it impossible for her to move or heal others. Eventually, she does follow Jinwoo’s lead, and Jinwoo ends up losing a limb while saving Joohee.

Solo Leveling Lee Joohee
Joohee heals Jinwoo

Joohee goes beyond her limit to heal Jinwoo as much as she can. Even when Jinwoo decides to stay behind and sacrifice himself for the others, Joohee refuses to leave him.

A reluctant Joohee is carried out against her wishes. The raid leaves Joohee traumatized and incapable of participating in other raids.

Following the incident, she seeks psychiatric care, but upon learning of Jinwoo’s recovery, she feels a sense of relief and happiness.

When she visits him in the hospital, she sees him working hard to get back on his feet, despite what happened in the double dungeon.

Witnessing Jinwoo’s unwavering determination inspires her to overcome her own fears and continue raiding dungeons.

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