Lana the Moon Tempest: Ishura character explained

Lana the Moon Tempest is a major supporting character in the action drama series, Ishura. Yumiri Hanamori voices the character in the anime.

Lana the Moon Tempest is a spy working for the New Principality of Lithia. She is employed by General Taren the Guarded.

Her role is to travel outside the city and recruit formidable warriors to fight for Lithia against the kingdom of Aureatia.

The New Principality of Lithia seceded from Aureatia and now a war between them is imminent.

On the surface

In the very first episodes, Lana proves to be a key asset of Taren for her territory against the overwhelming kingdom of Aureatia.

She brings in two most formidable mercenaries with her into Lithia — Higuare the Pelagic and Shalk the Sound Slicer.

She also demonstrates her talents as an intelligence agent as she rattles off information about a high-ranking Lithian commander, along with her geopolitical knowledge.


Lana was in a spy guild during the war against the True Demon King.

She carried out a lot of dirty work back then. She was a member of Obsidian Eyes.

Lana the Moon Tempest past Ishura
Lana the Moon Tempest during the war days

Even after she came to Aureatia, she continued on the same path, working as a secret agent who frequently got her hands dirty.

A double agent

Lana the Moon Tempest is a double agent working in Lithia, whose loyalties lie with the kingdom of Aureatia.

She has been constantly leaking confidential information to Aureatia from Lithia.

To do so, she enticed Curte, the blind young girl that General Taren adopted.

She enticed her to keep a record in her diary. Curte would start keeping a journal in Braille.

As a spy, Lana easily created a code using braille and started leaking the contents of the record using transcriptions.

These transcriptions will be fetched by Aureatia’s secret agents who would routinely infiltrate the city as merchants.

However, Dakai the Magpie, a visitor and an incredible bandit, used his skills to future out that she’s the informant.

Before her job ends in Lithia and she relays the last of the information to Aureatia who helps assassinate Taren, she is caught by Dakai.

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