Lakan: The Apothecary Diaries character explained

Lakan is a high-ranking military official in the Emperor’s army particularly interested in Maomao. Takuya Kirimoto voices the character.

When Maomao wanders toward the military headquarters in the outer court, she is quickly ushered away while a mysterious man watches over her.

Lakan is one of the investigators on the scene of the fire in the warehouse, and he spots the pipe of the perpetrator.

He leaves it there and Maomao spots it during her investigation, leading her to deduce the cause of the explosion.

Lakan later overhears from some soldiers how Maomao solved the case and wishes to know more about her.

A strange individual

Maomao sees Jinshi complaining in his office one day and enquires about it. Jinshi says that there is an official named Lakan who has been making his job more difficult.

Lakan is considered a master strategist, but he gums up the work and slows down everything Jinshi tries to accomplish.

Jinshi also mentions that Lakan is a 40-year-old bachelor who is only interested in strategy games and rumors in the palace.

Lakan is one of the few people Jinshi doesn’t get along with

Lakan wanders into Jinshi’s office to ask about Maomao. He recounts an experience of his own with a courtesan of the Verdgiri’s house.

She had a similar personality to Maomao and Lakan was obsessed with her but he couldn’t bring himself to buy her out.

He eventually changed his mind but first did something to make her less exquisite and lowered her price.

Before he completes his story, Lakan tells Jinshi that he has a particular problem that is perfectly suited to Maomao’s skills and asks for her assistance.

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