Lady Lihua: The Apothecary Diaries character explained

Lady Lihua is one of the Emperor’s high-ranking concubines, the Wise Consort. Yui Ishikawa and Trina Nishimura voice the character.

When Maomao first entered the rear palace, Lady Lihua and Lady Gyokuyo had just given birth.

However, Lihua’s son and Gyokuyo’s daughter both suffered from an undiagnosed illness and no one could figure out what was causing it.

Maomao finds out that it is the whitening powder used on the babies’ skin that is poisoning them, so she leaves anonymous notes for both concubines.

Lihua doesn’t heed the warning and loses her child, while Gyokuyo’s child survives.

After establishing herself in the Jade Pavillion, Master Jinshi asks Maomao to head to the Crystal Pavillion and take care of Lihua, who is taken quite ill.

Back to her best

Lady Lihua had grown quite ill after the death of her son

The first thing Maomao deduces is that her lead lady-in-waiting is still using the beauty powder on Lady Lihua despite the fact it killed her son.

Maomao ensures that all traces of the powder are disposed of and the people responsible are appropriately punished.

She sets a strict diet and goes about taking care of Lihua and getting her back to full strength.

Lihua recovers in two months, and while leaving Maomao gives her some advice on how to please the Emperor in the bedchamber.

During the garden party, Lihua hands Maomao a hairpin as a sign of her appreciation for the apothecary.

The wise consort then showed her opinion of Maomao by suggesting her name as the teacher for the new pure consort, Lady Laolan.

She along with Gyokuyo are well aware of Maomao’s talents because the have benefited directly from them.

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