Lady Ah-Duo: The Apothecary Diaries character explained

Lady Ah-Duo is one of the four leading concubines of the Emperor who has a close relationship with him. The character is voiced by Yūko Kaida and  Monica Rial.

Lady Ah-Duo is the oldest of the concubines and is known as the Pure Consort. She lives in the Garnet Pavillion in the rear palace.

During the garden party, Maomao learns that there is animosity between the servants of Lady Ah-Duo and Lady Lishu.

This is because Lady Lishu used to be a consort to the previous emperor before leaving the palace and returning to become the new Virtuous Consort.

This betrays the true relationship between the two concubines, however.

Worthy of her title

Since Master Jinshi believes that someone from the Garnet Pavillion might be responsible for the attempted poisoning of Lady Lishu, he sends Maomao there to investigate.

Maomao had already learned that Lady Ah-Duo was the former Emperor’s adoptive daughter, so she grew up with the current Emperor before becoming his concubine.

Ah-Duo and Lady Lishu had a close relationship with each other, as Lishu considered Ah-Duo a maternal figure in her life.

The apothecary notices very early on how dedicated Lady Ah-Duo’s servants are to her and this is because of the concubine’s character.

She later finds out that Ah-Duo had given birth to a child around the same time that the empress dowager had given birth, which meant her child got less attention from the physicians.

The child died soon after, but Lady Ah-Duo maintained a strong presence in front of the servants, solidifying their dedication.

Maomao discovers that Ah-Duo is leaving the palace, and she assumes that she is being replaced by a younger consort.

However, Lady Ah-Duo decided to leave, because being a concubine just wasn’t her desire. Maomao runs into Ah-Duo on the palace walls and shares a drink with her.

The consort lets slip the suggestion that her child didn’t die, but may have been taken from her.

Ah-Duo and Jinshi look eerily similar to each other

She also notices a particular resemblance between the Pure Consort and Master Jinshi, formulating theories in her mind about what that means.

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