Kraft: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End character explained

Kraft is a monk that Frieren and her party come across in the Northern lands during their journey. The character is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.

Traveling through a blizzard in the Northern lands, Frieren, Fern, and Stark seek refuge in an emergency shelter nestled at the base of the mountains.

Upon entering, they encounter an elf engaged in shirtless squats, prompting Fern to label him a pervert.

The elf, upon noticing Frieren and realizing she is of his kind, extends a warm invitation for them to join him.

Together, they start a fire to fend off the cold, and the elf introduces himself as Kraft the Monk.

He shares that it has been 300 years since he last encountered an elf, leading him to believe that they might have become extinct.

When Stark is affected by the cold of the blizzard, Kraft offers his own body heat to warm him up.

Wishing for his story to remembered

Kraft, well-stocked with supplies, makes it clear to Frieren that they should stay in the shelter to safely wait out the blizzard.

He often leads them in prayer to the Goddess before their meals

During their time together, they engage in meaningful conversations, allowing them to get to know one another better.

Kraft shares stories of his devotion to the Goddess, expressing a desire to be acknowledged by her posthumously.

He reflects on the solitary nature of his long life as an elf, noting that everyone who witnessed his achievements has passed away, a testament to the near-immortality of his kind.

Eager to form a lasting connection, Kraft expresses an interest in learning more about Frieren.

His intention is to preserve her memories, just as she could do for him, understanding the value of shared stories in their long lives.

As they bid farewell, Kraft makes a promise to reunite with Frieren in a few centuries, a timeline only conceivable for beings like themselves.

Later, during a visit to a village in search of Sein’s friend, the Gorilla Warrior, Frieren and her companions encounter a statue commemorating two long-forgotten heroes.

To their surprise, one of the figures depicted is Kraft the Monk, immortalizing his legacy in stone.

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