Kisaki’s obsession with Mikey in Tokyo Revengers explained

In Tokyo Revengers, Kisaki aims to use Mikey to fulfill his self-centered objectives and climb to the top. 

Tetta Kisaki, the antagonist in Tokyo Revengers, has always sought to stay close to Mikey and, by extension, to Toman.

In every timeline shaped by Takemichi’s time-traveling adventures, Kisaki inevitably rises to become one of the top leaders of Toman, alongside Mikey.

Takemichi’s changing the past ruins Kisaki’s plans from time to time, but Kisaki still manages to gain Mikey’s trust or make him dependent on him each time.

In Takemichi’s final confrontation with Kisaki, the reason behind Kisaki’s preoccupation with Mikey comes to light.

To reach the top

Kisaki developed feelings for Hinata during his elementary school years, but his love was unrequited, as Hinata fell in love with Takemichi.

In order to win Hinata’s heart, Kisaki resolved to be more like Takemichi. He followed Takemichi around to know more about him.

One day, he hears Takemichi telling his friend that he is going to be the top hoodlum in all of Japan. Takemichi’s offhand comment leaves a huge impact on Kisaki.

Kisaki decides to surpass Takemichi by becoming the top hoodlum; he makes this goal the purpose of his own life. He begins researching and learning about hoodlums.

Kisaki meets a lot of hoodlums. Eventually, he comes to know about Mikey. While Kisaki does not have the physical strength to reach the top, Mikey does.

Kisaki decides to make Mikey his puppet and use him to achieve his goal, believing that Hinata will reciprocate his feelings then.

Tokyo Revengers Kisaki and Mikey
Kisaki introduces himself to Mikey

Striving for glory through Mikey

Kisaki makes not one but three plans, which involve winning Mikey’s trust, to become the dark hero who would control Toman from the shadows.

It will take him 10 years to execute his plans, but he knows that he will eventually succeed in becoming Mikey’s second-in-command.

His first plan is to take the number two spot by killing Draken. His second plan is to create Valhalla and destroy Toman. As Valhalla has no leader, he will make Mikey its leader. 

His third plan is to destroy Toman by using Tenjiku and making Mikey the leader of the new gang that will be formed.

All three plans would have made Kisaki second only to Mikey, allowing him to control the underworld by manipulating him, and he would have succeeded if it was not for Takemichi.

Staying close to Mikey was crucial to Kisaki’s long-term plans, as Mikey played a key role in those plans. Without Mikey, Kisaki had no way to become the top hoodlum in the country.

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