Kikyō Kushida’s past in Classroom of the Elite explained

Kikyō Kushida is a popular student of 1-D who gets along with everybody, but she has a darker truth to her that is later revealed.

In the early days, Kikyō spent her time getting to know everyone and building connections not only in her class but in other classes too.

The one person she doesn’t get through to is Suzune Horikita, who has her reasons for remaining closed off from the rest.

Kikyō asks Kiyotaka Ayanokoji for help connecting with Suzune, but her plan fails and she doesn’t make any progress.

Kiyotaka notices Kikyō cursing Suzune one evening all by herself, and she doesn’t seem perturbed to be discovered in this state.

Unperturbed, she threatens Kiyotaka with accusations of rape if he exposed this side of her to anyone else.

Kikyō explains that she hates Suzune because she has no hidden side to her, unlike Kikyō who has to keep a part of herself hidden at all times.

Kiyotaka figures that Kikyō and Suzune share a past, but he isn’t able to confirm it until later.

A disruptive presence

During the VIP test, Kiyotaka suggests that Kikyō betrayed her class by revealing that she was the VIP.

He also implies that she will betray them once again during the sports festival. Suzune is mistrustful of Kikyō after learning about this.

When Ryuuen orchestrates a situation to get Suzune expelled, her doubts about Kikyō are confirmed.

She admits that it took a while for her to recognize, but she realized that Kikyō was in the same middle school as her, where she destroyed another class from within.

She had only heard rumors about what happened, but Kiyotaka and Suzune got Kikyō to share the truth with them eventually.

From a very young age, Kikyō was praised for excelling at anything and she became obsessed with that attention.

However, as she grew older she wasn’t the best at everything, so she had to find other ways to garner the attention she craved.

Kikyō’s goal is to become friends with everyone and learn their secrets

So she became everyone’s friend and lent an ear to anyone who needed it. She learnt many secrets this way and it weighed heavily on her.

To relieve some of that pressure, she decided to post most of it on an anonymous blog. She was ultimately discovered and her classmates scolded her for it.

In retaliation, she revealed the worst secrets she hadn’t posted on the blog, and this turned the entire class against each other.

Suzune wished to move on from that past, which explains her grudge against Suzune for being the only one connecting her to that time.

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