Kia the World Word: Ishura character explained

Kia the World Word is one of the protagonists in the action fantasy anime, Ishura. Ao Yuuki voices the character in the anime.

The world of Ishura is rife with assassins, warriors, soldiers, commanders, officials, bandits, mercenaries, and generals; and all of them share a commonality, which is that they’re all immensely powerful. 

There are those who have arrived from other worlds, called the Shura, or Visitors, each possessing incredible power that defies the laws of nature. 

However, it’s not just these visitors but also some natives who are also powerful beyond imagination. 

Kia, known by her full name Kia the World Word, is one such being possessing preternatural power that defies all sense and logic. 

Origins & relationships

Kia the World Word hails from a remote village where she grew up in a rather sheltered environment.

She tries to appear quite tough and cocky, but she is emotionally intelligent and empathizes with others greatly. 

She feels others’ pain and would do what she can to save those she cares about. 

Kia the World Word and Elea Ishura
Kia the World Word and Elea the Red Tag

Elea the Red Tag, who arrived at her village as a teacher, in her search for the World Word, is one of the few people Kia truly cares about. 

She loves and respects her and even though she dissents quite often, she sees Elea as the loving and admirable person she’s always thought of her as.

An absurd power

Kia’s power might just be the most broken of all the characters in the show. 

The show has a character who is protected by an angel at all times, and yet Kia’s power seems to be just as ludicrous as it would without any comparison.

Her power is the word arts, which she can use to its absolute maximum. 

She puts out a simple command and the same happens all on its own. 

Her words hold power that can change even the weather around the proximate area. 

With just words, she can even make possible the commands that are abstract. 

Her words don’t just impact and influence living beings but also non-living things and matter in general. 

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