Kanne and Lawine: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End characters explained

Kanne and Lawine are two mages taking the First Class Mage Exam in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

The trio heads to Äußerst so that Frieren can take the First Class Mage exam and get certified.

They need a first-class mage in their company to be allowed to pass through the Northern plateau and Frieren figures that there must be something significant happening there.

Since the exam takes place once every three years, many people travel to Äußerst to take it and many aren’t able to pass it in their lifetimes.

Frieren gets Fern to take the exam with her, and on the day, the ones taking the exam are split up into parties of 3.

Frieren is paired up with two third-class mages, Kanne and Lawine, who are seen fighting in the middle of everyone.

A duo of many talents

Frieren worries about their party’s prospects because Kanne and Lawine are constantly arguing with each other.

They grew up together and graduated from the same mage school, so they have a fierce rivalry between them

The first test in the exam is to capture a bird called a Stile, but only Frieren is aware of what a Stile is capable of.

When they spot one near a lake, Kanne and Lawine trap it with ease by working seamlessly together. The Stile escapes, but Frieren sees the benefits of her party members.

When Lawine offers to scout ahead, Frieren tells her to watch the skies, but Kanne doesn’t understand why.

Later at night, Kanne wanders off towards the sound of rain and is suddenly attacked by a monster.

Frieren saves her and tells her to be more alert. Kanne tells her that Lawine has always been the more confident mage between them.

But they remain friends because Lawine encourages Kanne to fulfill her potential, even if she has a harsh way of doing it.

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