Kakeru Ryuen: Classroom of the Elite character explained

Kakeru Ryuen is the head of Class 1-C whose goal is to decimate the competition. Masaaki Mizunaka and Eric Vale voice the character.

Kakeru Ryuen established himself as the tyrant of Class C who ruled with an iron fist. He didn’t shy away from using underhanded techniques to get ahead.

Ryuen also had a sadistic side to him and wanted to see the other classes reduced to nothing around him.

He tasked some of his classmates to frame Ken Suduo and get him expelled but when Suzune and Kiyotaka clear Suduo’s name, Ryuen punishes his classmates for failing.

He confronts Suzune and addresses her by her given name without permission. From that day onwards, Ryuen is determined to discover who Class D’s mastermind is.

The bigger they are

During the island test, Ryuen and his class pretend to be having a fun time by spending the bulk of their points on the first day.

However, it is all a part of his master plan to find out the leaders of the other classes. He sends spies to the other camps and makes some deals too.

While the rest of his class returns to the ship after one day, Ryuen sticks around till the end of the challenge, and his class comes out on top.

Even during the VIP test, he improves his class results thanks to Kushida’s betrayal of Class D.

He picks an effective strategy in the sports festival but cannot lead his team to victory.

The harder they fall

During the paper shuffle, Ryuen once again relied on Kushida, but by then Kiyotaka and Suzune figured out that she was betraying them.

They turned the tide on Ryuen, pushing his obsession even further. Ryuen finds out that Kei is working with the mastermind and plans to set a trap for them.

He calls her out to a secluded location and begins torturing her. Kiyotaka arrives to help her and Ryuen finally comes face to face with the person responsible for thwarting him.

Kakeru Ryuen takes on Kiyotaka Ayanokoji

They fight each other and Kiyotaka beats Ryuen significantly. Following that day, he loses his role as the tyrant leader of Class C, and his class descends to D status.

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