Kagurabachi explained: What is the new manga about?

Kagurabachi is a riveting manga series making waves in the world of Shōnen storytelling. Created by Takeru Hokazono and serialized in the renowned Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, this story plunges readers into a captivating realm where magical swords and potent sorcery coexist.

It has become one of the most popular manga of 2023.


Set against a backdrop of sorcery and enchantment, the story of Kagurabachi revolves around the young Chihiro Rokuhira, an aspiring sword-maker. 

This promising world is disrupted when a group of sinister sorcerers assassinate Chihiro’s father, a revered blacksmith. In the aftermath, Chihiro embarks on a treacherous quest for vengeance, guided by a powerful sword forged by his late father.

Character Dynamics

Central to the narrative are the contrasting personalities of Chihiro and his father. Chihiro’s serious and focused demeanor contrasts sharply with his father’s playful yet supremely gifted nature. 

This contrast offers a rich collection of emotional and action-packed moments, magnifying Chihiro’s journey of vengeance, growth, and the quest to immortalize his father’s memory.


Kagurabachi stands out with its exquisite portrayal of swordplay and magical motifs. 

The world is such where every sword stroke can be fatal, and every incantation can dictate destiny. The series delves deep into themes like loss, revenge, and the tenacity to maintain familial honor amidst adversities.

Narrative Development

As the story unfolds, Chihiro encounters formidable adversaries, unveiling a grander conspiracy involving the sorcerers and the enigmatic capabilities of his enchanted sword. 

These confrontations challenge Chihiro’s abilities, determination, and connection to his father’s memories and the guiding force of the magical blade.


Despite being a newcomer in the world of Shōnen, Kagurabachi has quickly climbed the popularity charts, overtaking several established series. 

Its unique blend of storytelling, character progression, and the harmonious interplay of magic and martial prowess sets it apart in the genre.

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