Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 247 spoilers: Higuruma clashes with Sukuna

The anticipation surrounding Chapter 247 of Jujutsu Kaisen is high, as the series continues to unfold its intense narrative. Chapter 247 of Jujutsu Kaisen is scheduled for release on January 7, 2024.

The latest chapter is set to bring significant developments to the ongoing saga, particularly focusing on the characters Higuruma and Yuji, and their encounter with the formidable Sukuna.

The Heated Battle Continues

Chapter 247 continues the battle between Sukuna and the sorcerers, with Higuruma and Yuji at the forefront.

Sukuna, having established himself as a formidable force in the series, particularly after the demise of Gojo, is now engaged in a deadly fight with these key characters.

Higuruma vs. Sukuna

Higuruma, armed with the Executioner’s Sword, continues his clash against Sukuna, who compares his use of Cursed Technique to his own.

As Yuji attempts to intervene, Sukuna taunts him for being boring and swats him away from the fight.

Higuruma continues trying to stab him but Sukuna easily dodges and starts chanting to make his own technique stronger.

This results in one of Higuruma’s hands getting cut off, while Sukuna asks him to heal himself, but proceeds to cut his other hand off as well.

Yuji intervenes with Choso’s Piercing Blood technique, catching him off-guard. This allows Higuruma to heal one of his arms partially to hold the Executioner’s Sword.

As he pierces Sukuna’s hand, he calls Higuruma ‘okay at best’. He cut off his hand before it was pierced.

Yuji inherits the Executioner’s Sword

Just as Sukuna is about to slash Higuruma, he throws his sword, remembering his role in the war.

A flashback of Nanami entrusting the future to Yuji is shown, as Higuruma does the same, praising Yuji, who appears behind Sukuna.

He gets Higuruma’s sword and attempts to stab Sukuna from behind, but the chapter ends before he can.


It’s unlikely that Yuji will end Sukuna this soon, but it does highly suggest that Higuruma is the latest to perish, after Gojo and Kashimo, and possibly Choso.

Inheriting the cursed technique does give Yuji a chance against Sukuna as the Executioner’s Sword is thought to be one way of killing Sukuna.

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