Jill Sturgeon: Metallic Rouge character explained

In Metallic Rouge, Jill, one of the Immortal Nine, wants Rouge to join forces with her. Jill is voiced by Yui Ogura and Giovannie Cruz.

Rouge and Naomi first meet Jill on their way to Wellstown. Jill introduces herself as a journalist, whose partner is her camera.

Jill explains that her camera has saved her life on numerous occasions. She captures anything that catches her attention, including Rouge and Naomi.

As she appears friendly, Rouge and Naomi cannot tell that she is one of the Immortal Nine, the group they are targeting.

Jill tells Rouge and Naomi that she is going to Wellstown, which has the largest Nean settlement on Mars, because she is studying the position of Neans in society. 

She is well aware that Neans face discrimination, despite the fact that several of them are involved in combat and the development of the planet.

When Rouge thinks that all she does is follow orders, it is Jill who makes her see that she is free, as she can make her own choices. 

Jill’s hatred of humans

Although Jill looks like a harmless human being, she is revealed to be a Nean — specifically, Sylvia of the Flash, one of the Immortal Nine

Metallic Rouge Jill
Jill is Sylvia of the Flash

Later, when Naomi arrests Rouge, Jill breaks into the Ministry of Truth and frees Rouge. In doing so, Jill kills the guards she encounters without hesitation. 

She then leads Rouge to a room where dangerous Neans are kept; some of them are disassembled, while others have their ids removed.

She points out to Rouge how laws are different for humans and Neans. While humans are brought to justice, Neans often endure arbitrary punishment.

All Neans want is freedom, but their pursuit of it leads to their end. Due to this injustice, Jill despises humans. 

She sees it as unjust that Neans, despite their superior power, are enslaved by humans. 

If equality between Neans and humans is not attainable, Jill is prepared to resort to violence against humans. 

Jill is a member of the Alter, an organization that is fighting to free Neans from the Asimov Code, the Nectar, and human oppression.

Jill asks Rouge to join the organization to secure freedom for all Neans, as Jill cannot do it without Rouge’s help.

When guards find them, Jill kills them ruthlessly, scaring Rouge away. Jill turns out to be a dangerous Nean, showing no hesitation in taking lives and proving difficult to defeat.

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