Jean Yunghart: Metallic Rouge character explained

In Metallic Rouge, Rouge’s older brother, Jean Yunghart, sends her on a secret mission to Mars. Shunsuke Takeuchi and Eric Vale voice Jean Yunghart.

Jean Yunghart serves as the vice director of the Ministry of Truth, also known as Alethia. Jean does not send his younger sister, Rouge, to Mars alone.

Instead, he assigns one of his subordinates, Naomi, to accompany her. By doing so, he takes a significant risk, as the mission must be kept secret.

Furthermore, it is inevitable that while working with Rouge, Naomi will come to know that Rouge is a proto-Nean.

Despite the risk, Jean believes Rouge needs someone as smart as Naomi by her side. However, this decision ultimately proves to be a misstep.

The mission to eliminate the Immortal Nine

Jean and Rouge are siblings, raised by their father, Roy Yunghart. Rouge strives to earn her brother’s approval. She trusts him and follows his orders without question.

So when Jean tells her that the Immortal Nine are responsible for murdering their father and are dangerous, Rouge readily believes him.

He also tells her that the Immortal Nine are the negative legacies of their father and that the two of them together will accomplish what their father failed to do.

Jean wants to avenge their father with Rouge’s help, and Rouge agrees. She is asked to keep this a secret, as Jean and Rouge will be breaking laws.

Rouge obediently follows Jean’s orders and hunts down the members of the Immortal Nine, despite feeling conflicted about taking their lives.

Metallic Rouge Jean Yunghart
Jean tells Rouge about the Immortal Nine

Misplaced trust

Jean’s superior, Chief Chau, is aware that Jean is doing something behind her back, but she chooses not to intervene because she believes in him.

Eventually, it turns out that Jean trusted the wrong person. Naomi is a mole that Ochrona has planted within Aletheia, which leads to Rouge getting arrested.

On top of that, Jean is fired, and due to his illegal actions of using a proto-Nean, the Ministry of Truth is on the brink of disbandment. 

Jean and Rouge both manage to escape, but they will have to bear the consequences of their actions.

Despite everything, Rouge still trusts Jean; she believes that her brother would never order her to do something wrong.

What Rouge does not know is that her brother is keeping secrets from her about her past, including the truth about Code Eve.

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