Izana’s grudge against Mikey in Tokyo Revengers season 3 explained

In the third season of Tokyo Revengers, Izana Kurokawa, the antagonist, has a sole aim: to defeat Mikey. His hatred for Mikey stems from past experiences.

After Takemichi travels back in time to prevent Toman and Tenjiku from merging, he finds out that Izana Kurokawa is related to Mikey. 

Emma reveals that Izana is her brother, which means he is Mikey and Shinichiro’s half-brother. The letters that Izana wrote to Shinichiro make it evident that there is no brotherly love on his part for Mikey.

Izana is prepared to go to great lengths to defeat Mikey, and he does make a number of amoral choices to achieve his aim.

It is only when Izana and Mikey fight during the showdown between their gangs that Izana tells Mikey the reason behind his deep-seated hatred for him.

The birth of a bitter grudge

Emma and Izana were separated at a very young age. While Emma found a family when she came to live with her grandfather, Izana, on the other hand, was left wanting for one; no one visited him when he was in the foster home.

Izana longed for a family, so when Shinichiro came to see him and introduced himself as his brother, Izana was overjoyed.

As an older brother, Shinichiro taught Izana so much, but more importantly, he taught Izana how to smile. However, Izana’s happiness did not last long. 

Tokyo Revengers Izana’s grudge
Izana gets the older brother that he always wanted

When he asked Shinichiro to let him take over as the next leader of Black Dragon, he found out that Shinichiro wants to pass on the gang to both Izana and Mikey.

Izana could not come to terms with the fact that Shinichiro had another brother. He wanted Shinichiro all to himself, so he started despising Mikey.

Eventually, Shinichiro died, and Izana fell into depression. That is when he met Kisaki, who wanted nothing more than to crush Toman.

Actions driven by hatred

Izana believes that Mikey is to blame for everything that he has lost. Due to that, he now intends to break Mikey and then tame him.

For that, he joined hands with Kisaki. He is willing to let Kisaki use him. With Kisaki’s help, he will turn Mikey into a hollow shell just like himself.

He even protects Kisaki when he kills Emma. As he no longer thinks of her as his sister, he is unaffected by her death.

Kisaki and Izana believe that losing Emma is bound to break Mikey. However, when Hinata reveals Takemichi’s secret, things do not go as expected.

Despite Emma’s death, Mikey comes to fight Izana and defeats him. In the battle between Toman and Tenjiku, Toman wins.

However, Izana’s hatred for Mikey does not allow him to admit defeat. He works himself into a frenzy and tries to kill Mikey, who still considers Izana his brother.

Izana’s lonely childhood made him possessive and led him to see anyone who received Shinichiro’s affection as his enemy, and Mikey happened to fall into that category.

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