Isshiki Totomaru: Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions character explained

Isshiki Totomaru is one of the main characters in the mystery-thriller anime, Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions. The character is voiced by Junya Enoki.

Isshiki Totomaru is honest to a fault and oozes with integrity as the scrawny and timid detective. Defying the opinions about him at large, he continues to excel with hard work and a relentless spirit.

An underdog

Totomaru is, more than anything, empathetic. He empathizes and extends his kindness to even those who may not deserve it.

Each case sees him being deeply empathetic to the victims, and he even offers prayers for them. He is disturbed by the morbidities and reacts accordingly, which is not exactly common for someone in his profession.

He is also a timid little guy in front of his superiors. His colleagues all treat him like a joke.

Errors made in the past have made him the butt of the jokes and he’s often delegated the menial work, while the real detective work is deprived of him.

However, he never truly admits defeat in the face of adversity and ridicule. He rarely ever takes a day off and keeps trying to get some detective work to do.

Kamonohashi’s mentorship

When Ron Kamonohashi enters the picture, Isshiki Totomaru’s professional life begins changing for the better, though it comes with a new set of perils that he wouldn’t have to contend with otherwise.

Unlike what others think, Isshiki Totomaru can be a great detective, and even though his deduction skills are nothing to write home about, it is his relentless attitude and a knack for attentiveness that enables him to get to the bottom of a case.

Isshiki Totomaru Ron Kamonohashi
Image source: Diomedéa

Kamonohashi plays a crucial role in eking out many such qualities from Isshiki, who spends most of the time marveling at his superior’s deduction skills but is sharp and quick in picking up the clues.

The past

Totomaru lived with his grandmother, who practically raised him as his parents were absent for the most part. He also seems to have been from a relatively privileged household.

That is because Kamonohashi once remarks how his blunt and unfiltered speech signifies his sheltered upbringing, where he didn’t exactly have to care for much elan.

He doesn’t have many memories from his childhood, but one is very clear, and it is of his pet hamster’s back.

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