Is Kisaki a time leaper in Tokyo Revengers?

With Kisaki meeting his end in the third season of Tokyo Revengers, the show puts the theories about him being a time leaper to rest.

After yet another failed attempt to prevent Hinata’s death, Takemichi starts suspecting that, like himself, Kisaki is also a time leaper.

No matter what Takemichi does to alter the past, Kisaki always manages to get what he wants, as he is always one step ahead of Takemichi.

Due to that, Takemichi decides to kill Kisaki and put an end to his schemes once and for all.

Kisaki’s secrets

After Kisaki shoots Izana and Kakucho and is rescued by Hanma, Takemichi and Draken pursue them, which leads to the final confrontation between Takemichi and Kisaki.

Takemichi tells Kisaki that he has been time-traveling to foil Kisaki’s plans. The revelation does not come as a surprise to Kisaki, as he had already suspected this.

Tokyo Revengers Kisaki
Kisaki’s suspicions about Takemichi being a time leaper are confirmed

Additionally, when Takemichi touches Kisaki, he sees a vision of the future. Kisaki then reveals his own plans of using Mikey to become the top hoodlum in Japan.

As a result, Takemichi tries to kill Kisaki, but because Mikey and Hinata arrive at the scene at that very moment, he does not pull the trigger.

Kisaki takes this opportunity to escape. Believing that Kisaki is attempting to access his trigger for time travel, Takemichi chases him to stop him before it is too late.

However, when Takemichi claims that he will stop Kisaki from reaching the trigger and returning to the future, Kisaki stops running from him.

The fact that Takemichi thinks that Kisaki has been time-traveling is laughable to Kisaki, indicating that, contrary to Takemichi’s belief, Kisaki is not a time leaper.

He is about to tell Takemichi something important when he gets hit by a truck. Kisaki dies a painful death, but not before telling Takemichi that he just wanted to be like him.

Takemichi does not get to find out how he got to see a vision of the future by touching Kisaki and remains uncertain about Kisaki’s knowledge regarding time leapers.

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