Is Ashgan dead in The Witch and the Beast?

In the ninth episode of The Witch and the Beast, Guideau emerges victorious over Ashgan, the formidable Demon Sword capable of world destruction.

After analyzing the number of threats they have faced so far in the Third Continent, from Paladin Corps to an elemental to the Executioners to the Demond Sword, Ashaf decides to pull out their ace, which they had been hiding.

With that, Guideau kisses Helga to enter her more terrifying body, which will now face Ashgan, who has been released because the leader of the Executioners drew the Demon Sword.

Is Ashgan killed by Guideau?

When Guideau heads to face Ashgan, Ashaf admits that the Demon Sword is a formidable weapon with the power to destroy the world, but he also claims that there are countless of those things out there, possibly hinting at the other body of Guideau.

However, Demon Sword is still getting back to its more terrifying form. When it becomes hard to determine who will win, Guideau uses her left hand to defeat Ashgan.

Ashgan is defeated, but not killed, by Guideau. Ashaf is sure that a monster as powerful as a demon sword will have survived the attack. The Order of Magical Resonance will probably be able to repair it.

It will take time, but one day, the Demon Sword will come back to life. It is hinted that even Ashgan, in his heart, says that the witch’s curse is upon him.

The curse

The Origin Witch, Quena Velvette, sealed Ashgan in a demon sword. Quena Velvette had claimed that Ashgan would remain conscious but would never be able to move again or sleep again.

Ashgan is sealed by Quena Velvette

Ashgan had killed too many people, and Quena had to trick him to stop him. She didn’t give Ashgan an instant death because she wanted Ashgan to suffer.

Back then, Quena felt hatred toward Ashgan, but also another feeling. She hoped that her children would inherit the part of her that is not filled with hatred

In the present, Ashgan sees the spitting image of Quena Velvette in Helga, who somewhat cares for Ashgan.

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