Why did Ironside kill Varghese in Four Knights of the Apocalypse?

The plot of The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse kicks off when protagonist Percival’s grandfather is killed by his father Ironside, a Holy Knight.

Warning: This article contains spoilers

Percival lives a life of bliss with his grandfather Varghese, atop the God’s Finger, the peak of a cloud-penetrating landmass.

The two live in complete isolation, cut off from the outside world, but they live a happy and fulfilling life.

All that comes crashing down when Percival’s father comes knocking.

A Holy Knight serving King Arthur of the new Camelot, Ironside manages to track down this remote place and hunt his own father.

Before he kills Varghese, he imparts some vague explanations and clues to Percival.

He’s the first to welcome him to his place, unaware of who the Holy Knight is to him and his grandfather.

Before he can realize there’s trouble ahead, Ironside attacks Varghese, who tries his best to save his grandson.

Percival is also attacked but miraculously survives.

Varghese is not as lucky, for his horrific injuries are too severe.

As he dies, he tells Percival to go on a journey like he always wanted to and find true friends.

He also tells him about Ironside’s relationship with the two of them, and to learn on his journey, the reason behind Ironside’s attack.

The prophecy

Before he succumbs to his injuries, Varghese asks Ironside why he came to kill him just now.

That’s when Ironside tells him about the prophecy he heard a few days before his hunt for Varghese.

Ironside kills Varghese Four Knights of the Apocalypse
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He talks about the four knights of the apocalypse, who, according to the prophecy, will bring about King Arthur’s end.

Ironside says he and his fellow Holy Knights couldn’t be sure that Varghese wouldn’t end up being one of these four knights of the apocalypse himself.

The same goes for Percival, which is why Ironside deals his son a fatal blow as well, but Percy survives.

The second reason

It is some time later in the story that it is revealed; that Ironside had another reason for his attack on Varghese.

He wanted to kill his father also because he took something valuable from him 16 years ago.

He is talking about none other than Percival, who was the seventh prince of an unknown kingdom that Ironside once happened to find in a wagon that fell off a cliff.

Percival the seventh prince was dead, so he brought him to Camelot, where he used a spell to put a powerful Life Spirit into the body of the prince.

The spell exacted a heavy toll and took years from Ironside’s life. The baby was revived, but it wasn’t Percival anymore.

According to Ironside, it was a powerful Life Spirit residing in the body, which made it a perfect vessel for his own son Diodra.

He cast that spell to make a soulless vessel out of that dead child’s body. It was now imbued with a powerful Life Spirit.

A poison attack from the Demon King had taken Ironside’s wife’s life, and left his son Diodra plagued with ailments and diseases.

He wanted a future for his son where he would lead a happy, healthy life.

He intended to transfer Diodra’s soul into this vessel imbued with the powerful Life Spirit, which according to him would allow his son to live for a millennia.

However, Varghese, terrified of his mad son’s intentions and looking at the innocent Percival, left Camelot with him, robbing Ironside of the chance to do what he wanted for his son.

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