How does Frieren’s party capture a stille in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End?

The first test of the First Class Mage Exam is to capture a stille, and Frieren and her party come up with a specific plan to lure it in.

Kanne and Lawine assume that capturing a stille would be easy as it is just a small bird. However, the first time they trap one, they realize its capabilities.

On the second day, they discuss what they have learned about the stille so far. It can fly at the speed of sound and has the strength of a dragon.

It can also sense mana and attempts to avoid it, but its mana is negligible which means it is hard to track down.

Putting their abilities to use

Lawine can freeze water, but she already knows that it isn’t strong enough to hold down the stille.

Kanne can manipulate the water but with bigger bodies of water, she must infuse some of her mana into it beforehand.

This would deter the stille from approaching it, and Frieren thinks they can use that to their advantage.

Due to the barrier around the testing area, the only significant source of water is the lake in the middle, and many parties have made camp there in search of the stille.

Lawine freezes the lake while Kanne goes around infusing mana into any smaller water bodies she can find.

They leave just one small pond untouched to draw in the stille. Frieren earlier used an old folk spell to bind a monster, and she believes she can use it on any bird or bird-like creature.

However, the range of the spell is 50 centimeters so she needs to get up close to the stille for it to work.

After Kanne and Lawine carry out their parts of the plan, Frieren waits near the pond and suppresses her mana to a minimum.

A stille flies down and rests on her shoulder, allowing her to restrain it and place it in the cage.

Frieren lures the stille in with her plan

By freezing the lake, they make enemies out of many other parties and one of the more experienced ones waits for them to capture the stille so that they can steal it from them.

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