How did Fern and Stark defeat Aura’s executioners?

In Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Fern and Stark confront Aura the Guillotine’s executioner, Lord Lügner, and his servant Linie.

Upon Frieren’s arrival in Graf Granat’s domain, she immediately notices Lord Lügner and his servants. Adopting a defensive stance, she prepares for potential conflict.

Despite her caution, she is apprehended by guards under Granat’s orders, as the demons are ostensibly there as peace envoys.

Frieren’s suspicions are quickly confirmed: Lügner intends to deceive the Graf into dismantling the city’s protective barrier.

After effortlessly defeating another executioner named Draht, Frieren entrusts Fern and Stark with handling Lügner and Linie.

Catching them by surprise

Lügner and Linie successfully restrain the Graf and set out to find the grimoire about the protective barrier.

Stark arrives in an attempt to free the Graf but is unable to succeed.

Upon Lügner and Linie’s return, Stark engages Lügner, creating a diversion for Fern to launch an attack using demon-killing magic.

Fern and Stark then retreat with the Graf to ensure he receives medical attention for his injuries.

Afterward, they confront the demon duo once more. However, this time, Lügner and Linie gain the upper hand, with Linie separating Stark from the group and leaving Fern to face Lügner alone.

Fern surprises Lügner with her reaction speed, keeping him on the defensive with her attacks.

Meanwhile, Linie demonstrates her ability to mimic the fighting style of any warrior she has observed. Upon encountering Stark, she chooses to adopt Eisen’s style.

Trained well by their masters

Although Linie’s technique initially overwhelms Stark, his unyielding spirit drives him to persevere.

He observes that while Linie may possess superior technique, her strikes lack significant power.

Recalling Eisen’s training, Stark adopts a more aggressive approach.

By intentionally leaving himself vulnerable to Linie’s attacks, he creates an opportunity to deliver a decisive blow.

Meanwhile, Lügner contemplates enduring Fern’s assaults until her mana is exhausted. However, Linie’s defeat distracts him, allowing Fern to deliver a fatal strike.

In his final moments, Lügner realizes that Fern has been concealing her true magical strength by suppressing her mana.

This advanced technique, inherited from Flamme to Frieren and now to Fern, proves to be a pivotal factor in the battle’s outcome.

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