How did Commander Rose get the scar on her eye?

Commander Rose used to lead her own unit of knights before she started the rescue team, but that unit met a brutal end.

Years before the rise of the Demon King, Rose led a unit of knights that she trained just as intensely as she trained the rescue team.

The King asks her to investigate sightings of demons in the Darkness of Llinger and she heads out with her tea to check it out.

They find some demons capturing monsters and are led by a demon named Nero. Nero says that he cannot let them leave so they engage in battle.

A costly encounter

Nero is taken aback by Rose’s ability as her team fends off the demons quite effectively. He realizes that his men need an extra push and uses his powers to give it to them.

Suddenly, the demons fight with no regard for their life, and one by one Rose’s team begins to fall.

Seeing them die sends her into a frenzy and she attacks Nero without caution. He slashes her eye when she rushes him, and because his sword is cursed, she is not able to heal it temporarily.

Rose’s entire unit falls, and Nero is about to kill her when her assistant, Aul, jumps in the way and sacrifices herself.

Rose fights back and almost kills Nero but one of his subordinates, Amila, rescues him. Rose sits by Aul’s side in her final moments and then reports back to the king.

She spends days wallowing in her grief and then remembers that she needs to honor the memory of her team better.

That is when she decides to form the rescue team, and she even keeps the scar on her eye as a reminder of her team’s sacrifice.

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