How did Byakuya and his group survive petrification in Dr Stone?

In Dr. Stone, Byakuya and a group of astronauts survive the initial petrification event that befalls Earth as they are in space at the time.

They return to Earth and establish a small colony of humans. Below are the key points on how they managed to escape petrification and what steps they took to ensure humanity’s survival.

Location at the Time of Event

At the time when the petrification event occurred, Byakuya and his group were aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Being in orbit, they were unaffected by the mysterious wave that petrified all of humanity on Earth. This geographical separation allowed them to remain unpetrified and alive.

Decision to Return to Earth

Upon realizing the catastrophe that had befallen Earth, Byakuya and his team made the brave decision to return.

They knew the risks but were driven by a sense of duty and the desire to restore humanity.

Preparation and Re-entry

Before descending back to Earth, the group prepared themselves with the knowledge that they would be the last remaining humans unpetrified.

They gathered as much information and resources as they could from the ISS before making their descent.

Establishing a Colony

Once back on Earth, Byakuya and his group established a small colony, aiming to preserve human knowledge and eventually restore civilization.

They faced numerous challenges but managed to maintain a semblance of society.

Preserving Knowledge

Byakuya took steps to preserve as much human knowledge as possible for future generations.

He created a time capsule of sorts that contained vital information which would later be discovered by Senku, the protagonist, who would use this knowledge to kickstart the restoration of human civilization.

Genetic Diversity

The group also focused on ensuring genetic diversity to give humanity the best chance of survival.

They understood the importance of a genetically diverse population for the long-term survival and health of the human race.

Passing Down Stories and Hopes

Byakuya made sure to pass down stories, hopes, and the mission of restoring humanity to the next generations.

These tales instilled a sense of purpose in the descendants, keeping the hope of de-petrification alive.

Through a combination of fortunate circumstances, brave decisions, and careful planning, Byakuya and his group were able to escape the petrification that befell Earth.

Their actions laid down the foundation for the eventual revival of human civilization in the world of “Dr. Stone”.

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