Honami Ichinose: Classroom of the Elite character explained

Honami Ichinose is the class representative of Class B in Classroom of the Elite. Nao Tōyama and Kristi Rothrock voice the character.

Honami Ichinose is a very kind and friendly individual who gets along with everyone and takes the responsibility of representing the class.

She is one of the few students who seems to get along with students from other classes, maintaining a passing friendship with Kikyo and Kiyotaka.

She also doesn’t have the same kind of hatred towards other classes and while working hard toward bettering her class, she doesn’t involve herself in sabotaging others.

More than meets the eye

When Ken is being framed by the students of Class C, Honami offers Class B’s help in the investigation for defensive proof.

Kiyotaka catches a glimpse of her points when he’s sharing his contact details, and he sees an enormous number of personal points.

He wonders to himself how she must have got it, and later finds out from Arisu Sakayanagi that Honami has the points of her entire class so it is spent responsibly.

During the island challenge, Honami ensures her class is working together and even lets one of the students of Class C join them after he is cast out by Ryuuen.

In the VIP test on the cruise, she sees right through Kiyotaka’s plan to hide the identity of the VIP and asks him why he chooses to hide his true capabilities.

Despite her calm and pleasant demeanor, she is seen as a threat by Arisu, who chooses to take her down by spreading rumors in the school.

While Suzune wants to help her, Honami gently refuses and requests her not to get involved.

Arisu’s right hand, Kamiro Masumi tells Kiyotaka that she wants to help him stop Arisu, and shares Honami’s truth.

She tells him that Arisu got her under her control by catching her shoplifting, and Honami has similar tendencies which Arisu hopes to take advantage of.

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