Hirata’s past in Classroom of the Elite explained

Hirata shows a different side of him after a difficult test and Kiyotaka aims to find out why he’s behaving that way.

During the special exam, the class has to choose one student to expel, and Hirata is unable to come up with a solution to save everyone.

When Suzune suggests expelling Yamauchi for his betrayal, apart from Yamauchi himself, Hirata is the only other person who doesn’t agree with the plan.

He is so focused on keeping that class together that he refuses to accept the sacrifice they need to make.

He openly states that he will put his negative vote toward Suzune and from that day, he has been quite cold toward all of his other classmates.

Repeating the same mistakes

Hirata took on the responsibility of being a class leader and bringing everyone together when the school year started.

He wasn’t an exceptional student but he had qualities within him that made him get along well with others.

He showed a noble side when he agreed to be Kei’s pretend boyfriend and was well-liked by everyone.

However, the special exam was his breaking point, and it brought out a much darker side to him.

When Kei tries to call him out, he hits back at her. Whenever Mii-chan tries to talk to him, he coldly ignores her.

Suzune asks him if he can be relied on to participate if the need arises during the final exam but he doesn’t make any promises.

Mii-chan goes after him to check up on him but this time he knocks her down. Koenji sees this happen and provokes Hirata into a confrontation which he loses.

Kiyotaka sees the whole interaction and asks Hirata later on why he’s acting like that. Hirata says that while he was in middle school, a friend of his was bullied while he watched on.

The friend tried to kill themself and Hirata balmed himself for not doing more to stop it. When they bullying continued on another student, Hirata decided to take matters into his own hands.

He used violence to gain control of the classroom and was successful, but the students ended up behaving like lifeless robots.

Hirata promised himself not to let that happen again and took on the kinder approach. He put so much pressure on himself to keep the class together, that when Yamauchi was expelled, it broke him.

Kiyotaka tells him that he should take that blame and use it as inspiration to work harder and protect everyone else.

He also tells Hirata that he should be afraid to ask for help from other people. Hirata realizes his mistake and apologizes to everyone for his behavior

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