Higuare the Pelagic: Ishura character explained

Higuare is one of the most formidable characters in Ishura who works as a mercenary for the New Principality of Lithia. Tomokazu Sugita voices the character in the anime.

Higuare is a renowned gladiator who has made a mark for himself in the arena, winning an incredible amount of battles without losing once.

He is a mandrake who is nonchalant and obeys all. However, he is ruled by none and is motivated by an immense desire to not die.

He is a Gladiator. He is a mandrake. He is Higuare the Pelagic.

The Strongest Gladiator

He was born in the far west, in a place that’s unknown to the minian people. He was plucked from the ground by slave traders. 

He was put inside a cell where he asked the slave owner what his objective was. He responded that he was to take part in Gladiator battles. 

“It is kill or die,” said the slave owner concisely, making it clear to the Mandrake what kind of circumstance he’s been brought into and what he must do. 

Higuare knew one thing, and it was that he didn’t want to die, and so he killed numerous enemies in the gladiator matches. 

Higuare Ishura
Higuare in a gladiator battle

He was eventually sold to another slave owner in a different city, where he would go on to meet mightier opponents because the crowds really wanted to see him die. 

He wins all the matches with his unyielding will to live. He eventually becomes the strongest Gladiator there is. 

He later also takes part in the battle against the armies of the True Demon King, slashing away at the mindless demon hordes while feeling, for the first time, pride and joy. 

He was still seeking and chasing after the Demon King’s armies when Lana the Tempest found him. 

She brings him to Lithia, to lend support against the imminent war against Aureatia. 

Powers and abilities

There are barbaric cities in the remote regions that place bets on the lives of people and beasts in illegal matches. 

When he fought as a Gladiator in the remote regions, Higuare never lost once. He fought for about 13 to 14 in minian years.  

He has incredible battle acumen and can learn as he deals blows. 

His mid-fight analyses of his opponents and ability to adapt to their attacks and fighting style make him a class of his own. 

He can even mimic or match up to the humanoid movements by manipulating his fibrovascular bundles. 

He uses his arms to slice up the enemies before they can even blink. 

When he can’t match up his opponents in speed or strength, he deploys his numerous arms each wielding a knife. 

If 42 arms were not sufficient already, his arsenal also includes the world’s most potent poison that kills his opponents in seconds.

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