Higan: Ninja Kamui character explained

Higan, a highly skilled ninja, is the protagonist of Ninja Kamui, who sets out to exact his revenge. Kenjiro Tsuda voices Higan.

When Higan was a ninja, he broke two of the three most important codes that his clan lived by: he became emotionally attached to his fellow ninja, Mari, and ended up prioritizing her life over the mission. 

Despite Mari’s plea for him to abandon her, he refused and saved her life. He then confessed his feelings for her. 

Eventually, they both defected, which branded them as traitors, and the clan ensures that all traitors and enemies are eliminated.

Death and resurrection

Higan and Mari find a life for themselves in the US. They adopt disguises using technology that allows them to assume different identities. 

Higan changes his name to Joe Logan, while Mari changes hers to Sarah. The two of them have a son, with whom they live a peaceful life for a few years.

However, their happiness is short-lived. Their clan eventually tracks them down, and Higan is forced to witness his wife and son’s murder before his own death.

Miraculously, Higan comes back to life. He himself does not understand how he is alive, but he decides to dedicate his life to avenging his family.

Higan returns to his old ninja ways. He brings out his old mask and burns his house down, intending to go after the people who killed his family.

Ninja Kamui Higan
Higan dons his mask and burns down his house

Driven by revenge

Higan is one of the most elite ninjas in the history of Japan. He is known to have mastered several fighting techniques.

He used to be merciless when eliminating his targets. After losing his family, Higan reverts to his merciless ways.

Higan is prepared to do everything in his power to kill Yamaji, his former master, who has been getting all the exiled ninjas killed. Yamaji is the one responsible for Mari and their son’s death. 

Apart from Higan’s prowess as a ninja, his secret art of stark awareness makes him an even more dangerous enemy. 

Higan employs his secret art once to eliminate the ninjas Yamaji sends after him, but he is warned that using it again might kill him. 

Aware that disposing of a ninja like Higan won’t be easy, Yamaji plans to uncover his secret art before killing him.

On the other hand, Higan joins hands with an FBI agent, Mike Morris, to find Yamaji. Furthermore, Higan is offered help by another one of the exiled ninjas like himself. 

Despite this, it would not be easy for Higan to take down Yamaji, but Higan, driven by his desire for revenge, is not going to rest until he succeeds.

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