The Hamburg steak in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End explained

The Hamburg steak is a dish that has a special significance in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

After exterminating the monsters that were attacking the Village of the Sword, Frieren, Stark, and Fern carry on with their journey.

They stop in another town and Frieren tells the others that they’re free to roam around if they’d like.

When Fern and Frieren are alone, the elf mentions that it is Stark’s 18th birthday. Fern wishes to gift him something but Frieren is of no help.

Frieren wishes to give him a potion that dissolves clothes, but when Fern scolds her for thinking of something inappropriate, Frieren has to find something else.

When Fern finds Stark and tells him that she would like to get him something, Stark is surprised by the notion.

A tough childhood

Stark says that he came from a warrior village where it was not customary to give gifts on birthdays, and Eisen didn’t give him anything either.

Stark recounts how he was looked down upon by his family for being weak, and only his brother treated him with love and respect before they all perished.

Fern ends up getting him a bracelet and when they return to their room, they find Frieren setting up the table with Hamburg steaks.

Frieren prepares the Hamburg steaks

Eisen had given her the recipe and she decided to make them for Stark as his present.

Stark mentions that the steaks were a tradition that Eisen would follow on birthdays, but Frieren says that there is more to the story.

Eisen would make Hamburg steaks for the party when they traveled together, and when Frieren enquired, Eisen stated that it was a warrior tradition.

The steaks were made for warriors who worked hard, and he believed that the party deserved them because they all worked hard.

Suddenly, Stark remembers that when he was a child, his brother would make these steaks for him, and after all these years he realizes that his brother was acknowledging his hard work.

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