Gusoku Gear Kamui in Ninja Kamui explained

In Ninja Kamui, Emma steals a Gusoku gear called Kamui to help Higan be on par with the organization’s ninjas.

When Higan enters AUZA City, he is defeated by the ninjas there, who possess high-tech gear that makes them unbeatable. 

Higan is saved by Emma, who steals a Gusoku gear for him to enable him to effectively fight and defeat the ninjas.

Kamui becomes Emma’s gift to Higan, fulfilling Mari’s wish for him to live on despite her death.

What is a Gusoku gear?

The ninjas who have been working in association with AUZA are equipped with powerful suits called Gusoku gear that make them stronger. 

The Gusoku gear is created by combining the 600-year-old history of ninjas with AUZA’s advanced technology. 

It is an ultra-high-tech combat suit designed to work with ninja techniques. While ninjas wearing the gear can utilize their techniques, those without the suit find their own techniques inadequate against it.

Emma informs Higan that the Gusoku gear will even render his secret art ineffective in a battle against ninjas who possess it.  

Emma believes that the gear is the devil’s work and reveals that she was part of the team that developed it. 

However, Emma provides Higan with a way to counter the ninjas in the Gusoku gear in the form of Kamui, a suit that will give him the power to defeat them.

Ninja Kamui Gusoku Gear Kamui
Emma’s suit

The most advanced Gusoku gear

Kamui is an updated Gusoku gear. It is the most advanced suit — a prototype model constructed from scratch, so it does not operate like other suits. 

It represents a completely new design aimed at achieving the highest level of combat potential. Once Emma prepares it for Higan, it will function as a new body for him.

Higan cannot simply wear it and use it in a fight. Kamui must be linked to his brain to unlock its power. 

The suit operates based on the mental images the user sees in their mind the moment they think of them, giving it a reaction time leagues above other suits.

Kamui responds directly to the will and actions of the user. The more intensely one visualizes their actions, the faster and stronger the suit’s execution.

To access the suit’s power, Higan undergoes a process to synchronize the suit with his brain. He is put into a deep sleep, and he wakes up only once the synchronization is complete.

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