Gaoshun: The Apothecary Diaries character explained

Gaoshun is Master Jinshi’s trusted attendant who often serves as the person who keeps him grounded. The character is voiced by Katsuyuki Konis and Alex Hom.

Gaoshun is a constant presence by Jinshi’s side, typically tasked with ensuring they stay on track with their responsibilities.

However, when Maomao enters the palace and captures Jinshi’s attention, it profoundly impacts Jinshi, posing a challenge for Gaoshun in managing his behavior.

Maomao finds herself gravitating towards Gaoshun’s company, appreciating his respectful demeanor in contrast to Jinshi’s occasionally inappropriate conduct.

In their interactions, when Gaoshun addresses Maomao as ‘lady,’ she requests a less formal approach.

Heeding her preference, Gaoshun affectionately adopts the nickname ‘Xiaomao’ for her.

Gaoshun serves Jinshi with great distinction

A loyal aide

At the garden party, Maomao observes Gaoshun seated in a position of respect, indicating his high status within the palace.

His role often extends beyond mere supervision, as he frequently finds himself apologizing to Maomao for Jinshi’s actions.

Gaoshun is not only a guardian but also a confidant to Jinshi. He actively assists Maomao with her requests for information and other necessities.

His involvement doesn’t stop there; he often offers his perspectives on various issues Jinshi is dealing with, reflecting his deep involvement in Jinshi’s affairs.

Having been responsible for Jinshi since their childhood, Gaoshun shares insights into Jinshi’s character.

He reminisces about Jinshi’s difficulty in parting with a beloved toy during their younger years, a trait indicative of Jinshi’s attachment to things they hold dear.

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