First Class Mages in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End explained

First Class Mages are the most skilled and qualified mages in the land and go through a rigorous examination to get the rank.

Frieren’s party is required to have a first-class mage among them to be allowed to traverse deeper into the Northern Lands so Frieren agrees to get certified.

She never bothered with certification before because she has lived for hundreds of years and the guilds come and go.

Fern is a third-class mage herself but Frieren convinces her to take the exam too.

The exam is conducted in the Holy City of Strahl and the northern branch at Äußerst. It is held once every three years.

A total of 57 mages show up to take the exam including Frieren and Fern. They are split up into parties of 3 for the first test.

A great privilege

During the first test, the parties are meant to capture a small bird called a stille, which is much tougher than it looks.

When Frieren captures one, another party of experienced mages immediately confronts them to steal the bird.

When Frieren claims that getting certified as ‘First-class’ doesn’t mean much, one of the opposing mages speaks up.

He talks of Serie, a great mage and founder of the Continental Magic Association. Serie promised to grant one special privilege to every mage who achieved the top rank.

All First Class mages are granted a special privilege or wish by Serie

He says that Serie knows every spell known to man and has power comparable to the Goddess herself.

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