Eva Kristella: Metallic Rouge character explained

Dr. Eva Kristella is a scientist whose creation remains a source of conflict even years after her disappearance. In Metallic Rouge, Yoko Hikasa voices Eva.

A genius biophysics scientist, Dr. Eva was a capable assistant to Roy Yunghart, a renowned scientist. She worked closely with him to invent Neans. 

As Eva aided Roy in creating the Immortal Nine, she developed a deep affection for them, loving them as her own children. 

It was this love for the Immortal Nine that led her to create a highly sought-after code, which later became a source of conflict between various parties.

Mistakes and rectifications

While creating Neans, Roy and Eva program the Asimov Code into the Neans’ hearts to prevent them from turning against their creators in the future. 

As a result, Neans become second-class citizens, oppressed by their human masters and incapable of rebelling. 

Eva later regrets creating the Asimov Code, as she realizes that it deprives Neans of freedom.

Apart from that, Eva’s opposition to the Asimov Code is fueled by her love for the Immortal Nine, particularly Eden. 

Metallic Rouge Eva
Eva welcomes Jill into the world

Despite their different social statuses, Eva and Eden fall in love and have a son together, who is none other than Jean Yunghart. 

Eva and Eden are not equals. While Eva is human, Eden is a Nean, so they are forced to keep their relationship and family secret due to societal norms.

Eva believes that the world belongs to Neans as much as it does to humans. Determined to achieve equality for Neans, she creates Cove Eve, a program capable of nullifying the Asimov Code.

She refuses to hand over Cove Eve’s data to the government, believing that the government will use it to further exploit Neans.

Instead, she hides the code within the ids of the Immortal Nine and claims that the data has been destroyed.

In addition to Cove Eve, Eva creates Rouge with the intention of freeing Neans. She hides the final key needed to decipher Cove Eve within Rouge’s id.

Eva hopes that the Immortal Nine and Rouge will correct her mistake of binding Neans to the Asimov Code.

Soon after, Eva disappears, and her son is adopted by Roy Yunghart. Seventeen years later, during the events of the show, Cove Eve becomes a beacon of hope for Neans. 

However, Eva’s legacy also sparks conflict between the Alter and individuals like Jean and Rouge, who seek to prevent the chaos that would ensue if the Alter were to obtain Code Eve.

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