Essence stones and mana crystals in Solo Leveling explained

In Solo Leveling, essence stones and mana crystals are found in the dungeons crawling with magic beasts.

It is the hunters’ job to enter the dungeons in order to fight dangerous creatures from an alternate dimension, known as magic beasts. 

Hunters risk their lives when they raid dungeons, but their efforts bring rewards in the form of essence stones and mana crystals.

Hunters kill the dungeon boss, and before the dungeon closes, they collect the valuable resources found there — essence stones and mana crystals

Practical uses for essence stones and mana crystals

Essence stones are precious stones collected from defeated magic beasts in dungeons.

These stones are so valuable because they can be turned into powerful weapons as well as gear needed to fight other magic beasts.

The worth of essence stones is influenced by the dungeon’s rank. The higher the rank of the dungeon, the more valuable the essence stone collected will be. 

Solo Leveling Essence stones and mana crystals
Sung’s first spoil, an E-Rank essence stone

Apart from essence stones, mana crystals are also found in dungeons. These crystals are used for the same purposes as essence stones.

The only difference between the two resources is that essence stones are more potent, which is why they are more valuable than mana crystals.

The government wants to use these two resources for purposes other than weapon development; the resources can be a potential new source of energy.

Essence stones and mana crystals are safer than nuclear energy and more efficient than water, wind, or geothermal energy.

Furthermore, unlike fossil fuels, these resources do not pollute the environment, which is why they are considered an ideal clean energy source.

While the government is trying to find a way to generate electricity from these resources, hunters make a living by selling the stones and crystals they collect.

Essence stones and mana crystals remain a rare source of energy that can only be collected by hunters, which is another reason why the work of hunters is considered important.

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