Emma Samanda: Ninja Kamui character explained

In Ninja Kamui, FBI agent Emma Samanda has a past connection with Higan’s family. Yuki Wakai and Luci Christian voice Emma.

The serial killings of exiled ninjas prompt an FBI investigation, with the case being given to Mike Moriss and his young partner, Emma Samanda.

When Higan’s family falls victim, Mike and Emma get to meet Higan, and Emma even gets to witness Higan getting attacked by ninjas.

Mike and Emma are then asked to drop the case. While Mike is hesitant, Emma does not protest, but she intends to continue investigating with him. 

Mike and Higan join forces to find the culprits behind the killings, and Emma continues helping them secretly.

Even when Mike warns Emma about the possible dangers of getting involved, Emma refuses to back out, seeing it as an opportunity to uncover AUZA’s secrets and obtain their technology. 

Emma proves to be an asset with her technological prowess. She can find valuable information that helps Mike and Higan get closer to achieving their aims. 

However, Mike soon discovers that Emma is a ninja. Her name is Aska, and Emma Samanda is an identity that AUZA bought for her.

Emma’s past

When Emma was young, her entire face was disfigured in an accident, leading to her parents abandoning her and the organization adopting her. 

Emma became a ninja as well as a master of disguise, never revealing her face to anyone until Mari, her first mentor, lifted her mask. 

Unlike her parents, Mari accepted her and called her beautiful. Mari became the family Emma never had. 

Mari even passed down her secret art to Emma and confided in her about her pregnancy, despite knowing that Emma had been asked to keep an eye on her. 

While Emma was supposed to kill Mari, as she was no longer fit to lead, she could not bring herself to do it. 

When she failed to convince Mari to abort her baby and return to the organization, Emma attempted to take her own life, but Mari stopped her. 

While Mari moved on with Higan, Emma remained with the organization to spy on their activities to help Mari and her allies. 

Eventually, she was tasked with infiltrating the FBI as Emma, but even then, she continued to stay in touch with Mari.

Helping Higan

The night Higan, Mari, and Ren are attacked, Emma comes to rescue them, but by the time she gets there, Mari and Ren are already dead. 

Higan is the only one Emma manages to save by using Mari’s secret art, which allows her to freeze his cells by piercing a special pathway, leaving his body in suspended animation. 

Due to this, Higan comes back to life, leading the organization to believe that Higan’s secret art enables him to come back to life over and over again. 

Emma is then tasked with closely observing Higan to figure out his technique, which is why she approaches him as FBI agent Emma Samanda.

Unaware of Emma and Mari’s relationship, the organization believes that Emma is working for them when, in truth, she is helping Higan. 

She plans to finally betray the organization, so she reaches out to Higan, posing as another exiled agent willing to help him seek revenge.

She guides him and helps him enter AUZA City, and she only reveals the truth to him after saving his life for the second time. 

Ninja Kamui Emma Samanda
After saving Higan again, Emma reveals that she is a ninja

Emma steals a Gusoku gear called Kamui, which she had a hand in developing, for Higan so that he would be able to face the ninjas working with AUZA. 

She does everything in her power to help Higan, including risking her life. She equips him with Kamui and almost dies protecting him.

However, Higan saves her in time, and it is then that he finds out her reason for helping him: to honor Mari’s wish for him to live on.

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