Elea the Red Tag: Ishura character explained

Elea the Red Tag is a major supporting character in Ishura. The character is voiced by Mamiko Noto in the anime.

Elea the Red Tag is one of the Twenty-Nine Officials of Aureatia and the seventeenth minister. 

She was born into a family of low status, and despite being a minister she doesn’t hold an influential position within the council. 

She wishes to change that by getting for herself a protege who defies the very fundamental laws of nature, just through her words alone. 

Enter Elea the Red Tag

In her very first appearance in Ishura, Elea reminisces about what her grandmother used to say about beauty.

She used to say that it is a talent given to them by an angel upon their birth. However, Elea doesn’t think that’s true.

She believes that beauty appears with talent and hard work; it requires continuous and meticulous maintenance. 

Perhaps this is why she thinks that her hard work can make her gain the respect and status she deserves, not the condition she’s currently subjected to because of being a low-born.

A rumor from the era of the True Demon King mentions a village where the wielder of almighty Word Arts lives. 

Finding the rumored almighty

Elea the Red Tag finds the village’s location from a Lithian captive. 

She infiltrates the remote elf village called Eta as a teacher, assuming a false identity, in her search for the World Word.

Elea the Red Tag and Kia Ishura
Elea the Red Tag and her protege, Kia the World Word

She teaches the people the uses of the forest plants while sending detailed records of the medicinal herbs to Aureatia. 

Before the Imperial army comes to this secluded village and completely ransacks it, she finds Kia the World Word. 

The objective

Elea secures a study abroad program in Aureatia for Kia. 

The purpose behind that is the Imperial Competition to determine the true Hero. 

Since Kia is so powerful, Elea believes she can defeat any opponent and even face off against Aureatia itself. 

She thinks so because she hopes she wins the competition; if she does, then even Elea, who’s a child of a concubine, will no longer be looked down upon by anyone.

As things stand now, even with her talents, tact, and power, Elea doesn’t wield much influence within the Twenty-Nine Officials. 

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