Eden Varock: Metallic Rouge character explained

Eden Varock, voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu, is one of the Immortal Nine who sides with Rouge and Naomi instead of joining the Alter.

On their way to Wellstown, Rouge and Naomi meet a looter who steals the antiques left behind from the Great Space War. 

For a long time, Rouge and Naomi remain unaware that the man they keep running into is a Nean—not just any Nean, but one of the Immortal Nine.

Eden and Eva’s relationship

Eden Varock, also known as Jet Black Noir, fell in love with Eva Kristella, the scientist who was Roy Yunghart’s assistant and helped him create the Immortal Nine. 

Eden and Eva had a son together, Jean. However, as Eden was a Nean and Eva a human, they had to keep their relationship a secret. 

The Immortal Nine were like a family to Eden. He, along with Eva, lived a happy life with them, but that happiness was short-lived. 

One day, Eva disappeared, and Roy adopted Jean, who was kept in the dark regarding the identity of his biological father. 

Seventeen years after Eva’s disappearance, Rouge starts hunting the Immortal Nine. At the same time, the Alter makes a move to obtain Code Eve.

Fulfilling Eva’s wish

Instead of joining the Alter like the other members of the Immortal Nine, Eden chooses to assist Rouge and Naomi, as he opposes the Alter’s methods. 

When Rouge is kidnapped by the carnival, Eden leads Naomi to her without revealing that he is one of the Immortal Nine, the group Rouge and Naomi are hunting. 

He even lends them a hand in fighting the carnival and escaping. Similarly, when Rouge has to confront Jill, Ace, and Graufon, Eden fights alongside her. 

Metallic Rouge Eden
Eden protects Rouge

Eden is willing to sacrifice his life for Eva’s daughter, Rouge. While protecting Rouge, he ends up losing his id to Jill. 

As they were once a family, Jill chooses not to kill him, knowing that without his id, Eden will start losing his memories until he eventually dies.

Despite losing his id, Eden decides to work with Rouge, Naomi, and Ash to prevent the Alter from obtaining Code Eve and to rescue his son, Jean. 

Eden has regrets and seeks to atone for his past wrongs by fulfilling Eva’s wish, which is also his motivation for joining forces with Rouge. 

However, Eden does not die before fulfilling Eva’s wish. After extracting the necessary information from Eden’s id, Jill gives it to Graufon. 

With the decision in Graufon’s hands, he chooses to return Eden his id, saving Eden’s life and allowing him to fight Graufon on equal terms.

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