Does Fern become a first-class mage in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End?

After going through two gruesome tests, Fern and the others face a much more peaceful final test in the first-class mage exam.

Serie arrives at Äußerst and says that the exam has reached an untenable situation as 12 participants have made it to the final round.

She believes that Sense’s test allowed them to work together and that compensated for the drawbacks of some of the mages.

Serie attributes the wide-ranging success of the candidates to Frieren’s participation as she is incredibly skilled.

Serie decides to proctor the final test herself, in the form of a one-on-one interview with all of the candidates.

See her true potential

When Frieren learns about the test, she realizes that Serie doesn’t plan on letting her pass. She decides to guide Fern on how to get through instead.

Serie begins taking the interviews and fails a few of them before they even get a word in. When it is Frieren’s turn, Serie fails them because she believes that Frieren doesn’t care about being a first-class mage.

She wonders how Frieren defeated someone like the demon king, and Frieren says that it was thanks to the help of her allies.

Frieren’s casual approach to magic annoys Serie and that is why Frieren fails. When it is Fern’s turn, Serie believes she is not worthy.

But Fern notices a fluctuation in Serie’s mana, something no other mage has noticed before. Serie asks Fern to become her student because she has a promise.

Frieren earlier tells Fern that Serie will rely on her intuition for the interviews, which is always correct.

In the same way, she will fail Frieren no matter what, she will have no choice but to pass Fern because of her enormous potential, regardless of what Fern says.

Fern tells Serie that she is Frieren’s student and cannot accept the offer. Serie smiles and agrees to pass Fern.

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