Doctor Afdal: Metallic Rouge character explained

In Metallic Rouge, Doctor Afdal turns out to be one of the Immortal Nine. Afdal is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda and Jonah Scott.

Rouge and Naomi have to go to Wellstown to find and kill Phantom Verde, one of the Immortal Nine, who is believed to be living inside the Wellstown Nean Settlement.

They meet Afdal on the bus on their way to Wellstown and soon find out that he is a doctor. Later, Rouge meets Afdal once again during a skirmish with the guards. 

Afdal is on good terms with the settlement’s guards, as he bribes them with Nectar. This allows Afdal to come to his assistant’s rescue whenever he gets into trouble.

Afdal not only saves Rouge from the guards but also helps her gain entry to the settlement. He comes across as a kind man, but Rouge realizes that appearances can be deceiving.

Cynicism toward freedom

Afdal tells Rouge about the awful living conditions of Neans, the dangerous projects that they are forced to undertake, and their lack of freedom. Afdal seems sympathetic to the plight of Neans.

However, he does not support their fight for freedom. He thinks that Neans are just as greedy as humans and that they will fight for more once they gain their freedom.

It is then revealed that Afdal is not human. He is Phantom Verde, the Nean Rouge and Naomi have been looking for.

As he is one of the Immortal Nine, Dumas approaches him and asks him to help him kill Juval, the leader of CFN. However, Afdal is reluctant to do that.

This leads to Afdal’s assistant, Rion, getting involved in Juval’s murder. Rion cannot stand to see Afdal suffering, so he aids Dumas in Afdal’s stead.

With Rion’s help, Dumas is able to frame Rouge for Juval’s murder. Rion also leads Rouge to Afdal, who has been asked to kill her.

Rouge then discovers that Afdal is the informant Juval had mentioned and that he is Phantom Verde.

Metallic Rouge Doctor Afdal
Afdal reveals his true identity as Phantom Verde

Afdal is not the man everyone believed him to be; he does not help Neans out of the goodness of his heart. 

He only did that because getting into the settlement, keeping an eye on CFN, and saving Neans were the tasks assigned to him.

Despite everything that Rion has done for Afdal, he kills Rion, who wants to be free like Afdal and help people, as Afdal believes that freedom is an illusion.

Afdal perceives neither himself nor Rouge as truly free. According to him, freedom can only be achieved in death, so he tries to kill Rouge. 

However, Rouge manages to overpower him. She kills Afdal and retrieves his id, as she had been ordered.

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