Denken’s party: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End characters explained

Denken’s party consists of himself, Richter, and Laufen for the first test of the First Class Mage Exam.

For the first test of the First Class Mage Exam, all the mages were split up into parties of three and tasked with capturing a stille within two days.

One of the conditions was that all three members of the party must be present with the stile at the end of that period.

Denken was assigned to the 13th party alongside Richter, another second-class mage, and Laufen, a third-class mage.

Denken is an imperial mage who overcame a bloody power struggle to get to the position he is in.

Richter is a younger man who appears composed but has a reckless streak about him. Laufen is the least experienced of the three, although she has particular skills of her own.

Choosing their moment

Denken decides that rather than capture a stille themselves, they would wait for another party to capture one and then steal it from them.

Frieren’s plan involves keeping their mana hidden from others, but she has to use a spell to capture the stille and Denken sees that as their opening.

Laufen is able to use the spell Jilwer, which allows her to move at high speeds. Frieren recognizes it as a folk spell used by the mountain tribes of the southern lands.

After using the spell to steal the stille from Frieren’s hand, Denken and Richter face the party to ensure they aren’t followed.

Denken is aware of Frieren’s reputation and tells Richter to just incapacitate Kanne and Lawine but not kill them.

Richter doesn’t pay too much heed to Denken’s words and uses his magic to manipulate the earth and isolate him and the two younger mages of Frieren’s party.

Denken says that he isn’t interested in Serie’s privilege, he’s more focused on the quest to learn magic.

Frieren agrees with him and two face off. Richter is overtly confident about defeating Kanne and Lawine, but they manage to hold off long enough.

Frieren defeats Denken and then breaks the magical barrier around the testing area. The rain pours down, allowing Kanne her powers to overwhelm Richter with water.

With Richter and Denken defeated, Frieren tells Laufen to return the stille. Laufen attempts to use the Jilwer spell to rescue Denken, but Frieren thwarts her.

With the stille back in Freiren’s hands, Denken and his party are forced to retreat. They manage to find another party with a stille but one member down.

With no more mana, Denken takes on the party in hand to hand combat and they come away with the stille.

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