Dakai the Magpie: Ishura character explained

Dakai is a highly skilled and immensely powerful visitor who works as the trusted spy for Taren the Guarded of Lithia. Sōichirō Hoshi voices the character in the Ishura.

Dakai works as an enforcer and a spy for the New Principality of Lithia. He is a bandit who’s constantly mistaken for a swordsman, a fact that bugs him every time.

Wielder of inhuman skills and strength, he works under Taren to fetch her mystical magic items from across the globe as well as take care of infiltrators in Lithia.

He is a bandit. He is a minia. He is Dakai the Magpie. 

Origins and employment

Dakai the Magpie is an aberrant entity that can’t be tolerated in the Distant World. He is a visitor who has flowed into this world, like other formidable visitors. 

He works as the official spy for Lithia, and Taren considers him to be incredibly resourceful. His tasks go beyond just a spy though, as he also wreaks havoc upon enemies as an enforcer.

Dakai the Magpie fighting Ishura
Dakai fighting Aureatia’s Secret Service agents

He can stop even the speed of bullets in his consciousness and possseses remarkable eyesight that is shown to function as a thermal vision as well. 

He also carries an enchanted sword. It is the Magicked Blade of Razhucort, which prides itself on seizing the initiative in any attack. 

Along with it, he boasts the power of insight to conquer impenetrable labyrinths alone. 

Skills and strength galore

He uses this power to rummage through the wreckage in Nagan, to find The Cold Star and hand it over to Taren the Guarded.

He can plunder even in moments of utmost crisis and possesses fingers of absolute precision and divine speed. 

He uses these skills while disposing of the Secret Agents of Aureatia who have snuck into Lithia and are leaking important information to Aureatia.

Dakai also steals across the boundaries of his own world, with a rampant disregard for the law. People think he’s a swordsman, but he calls himself a bandit. 

He is a master thief and as is usual with banditry, he is skilled in sneak attacks as well. With a penchant for violence, he’s unafraid and unhesitant in his attacks.

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