The Council of Free Neans (CFN) in Metallic Rouge explained

In Metallic Rouge, the Council of Free Neans fights for the rights of Neans, androids that live alongside humans. 

Rouge, along with Naomi, reaches the town of Wellston. The town was built after humans signed a ceasefire agreement with the Usurpers during the Great Space War.

Neans returning from the war were to live in Wellston. The largest Nean settlement on Mars is in this town, and one must pass through a heavily guarded gate to enter it.

In this settlement, Rouge is approached by an organization of Neans, who call themselves the Council of Free Neans (CFN).

The need for the Council of Free Neans

When the town was built, initially Neans were given the right to govern themselves, but that did not last long.

Over time, Neans have been stripped of their rights and compelled to follow the commands of their human masters, who exploit them. This is the only reality they know.

They are employed from birth until death to fulfill the roles for which they were created. Some of them are not even given the freedom to die.

On top of that, Neans are sent to work on the Venus Project. On Venus, where the environment is too harsh for humans, Neans are worked to death.

They are unable to rebel or resist human authority because of the Asimov Code that is programmed into their hearts.

Due to all these reasons, a group of Neans, led by Juval, a Nean made as a substitute child for humans who could not have children, came together to form the Council of Free Neans.

Metallic Rouge CFN
The CFN is led by a Nean named Juval

For the freedom of Neans

The CFN is dedicated to securing freedom for Neans. The organization believes that Neans deserve to live freely, emancipated from human oppression. 

As humans exploit Neans for their selfish purposes without taking into consideration their minds and bodies, the CFN wishes to find a way to protect their existence and interests. 

While most Neans, constrained by the Asimov Code, cannot fight for their autonomy, there are Neans like Rouge who are not bound by the code.

Rouge treats humans as her equals, a privilege denied to other Neans. She can even fight them when necessary.

Juval believes that Rouge’s existence has a greater meaning and that she can become a symbol of hope for other Neans.

The CFN approaches Rouge, and Juval asks her to join them, as he wishes to use her free will, not her strength, in their fight for the freedom of all Neans.

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