Code Eve in Metallic Rouge explained

In Metallic Rouge, Code Eve becomes a pivotal factor in the conflict between humans, Neans, and the Usurpers.

During the Great Space War, to fight the Usurpers, humans were taught how to create Neans and provided with the necessary technology by the Visitors. 

However, humans needed to ensure that their creations would not rebel against them in the future, so they programmed the Asimov Code into the Neans’ hearts.

The Asimov Code ensures that Neans obey humans. It also prevents them from harming humans or passively witnessing harm done to them.

Due to the Asimov Code, if Neans harm a human or fail to act when a human is harmed, they immediately cease functioning.

After Neans won the war for humans, the code became a symbol of oppression. It deprives Neans of freedom and relegates them to a life of subjugation. 

Dr. Eva Kristella, a genius bio-physics scientist who was Rouge and Jean’s mother, created the Asimov Code but later regretted binding Neans to it.

She sought to rectify the situation, which is where the creation of Code Eve comes into the picture.

The key to liberating Neans

Eva, aiming to liberate Neans from human oppression, created Code Eve, a program that is capable of nullifying the Asimov Code. 

She refused to hand over Code Eve’s data to the government, fearing that they would exploit it to further control Neans. 

Metallic Rouge Code Eve
Dr. Eva refuses to give Code Eve’s data to the government

Eva then died in an accident, and it was believed that she had destroyed Code Eve. However, Roy Yunghart, who had created Proto-Neans, later discovered that the code had not been destroyed.

Eva had hidden it inside the ids of the Proto-Neans, the Immortal Nine. A part of Code Eve is also embedded in Rouge’s id.

Roy Yunghart then started looking for it, leading to the Alter, a terrorist organization striving to emancipate Neans, finding out about it.

The Alter now wishes to obtain the code to free Neans. The members of the Alter have been working with the Usurpers, who want to liberate Neans only to wage another war on humans.

If humans do not have Neans, who helped them win the Great Space War, on their side, the Usurpers may gain the upper hand.

Code Eve then becomes important for the Alter, the Usurpers, humans, as well as the Visitors, who supported humans in the Great Space War.

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