Burg: Frieren character explained

Burg was a first-class mage who fell at the hands of Ubel and established Ubel’s true strength as a mage.

One of the proctors mentioned that Ubel had killed a first-class mage during a previous exam, and Sense went into more detail about the incident.

The mind of a psychopath

Ubel is a third-class mage, and during the second-class mage exam, one of the tests was to push back the proctor, a first-class mage named Burg.

Burg was well-renowned for his proficiency in defensive magic, and he had a cloak imbued with several defensive spells called the “Immovable Cloak”.

Burg had never been injured since he became a first-class mage.

The condition of the test was to push Burg a step back using offensive magic, but limits were put in place to safeguard the other mages.

It was also stated that killing him would result in disqualification.

Ubel knew a spell called Reelseiden which could cut through anything, depending on her imagination.

During her turn, Ubel used the spell and split Burg at the waist, killing him instantly. She is disqualified, but Sense tries to understand how she was able to bypass Burg’s defenses.

Ubel gets disqualified in the second test of the second-class mage exam

She says that she can cut through anything that her mind visualizes, and it ignores the normal limits of the human mind.

According to Sense, a normal person would realize that magic could get through Burg’s defenses, but Ubel has lost her mind and can use her intuition to visualize cutting through him.

Having seen what she can do, Sense is certain that in a battle between Ubel and Sense’s replica, Ubel would triumph.

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