Blurin: The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic character explained

Blurin is a blue grizzly cub who chooses to join Usato as a companion after his training session in the forest.

Usato is sent to the Darkness of Llinger forest to hunt down a grand grizzly and encounters a family as soon as he lands.

A blue grizzly that has lived for 100 years turns into a grand white grizzly and is one of the most feared monsters in the forest.

Blurin is a fuzzy blue cub that doesn’t let anyone other than Usato pet it. Usato chose the name “Blurin” from the fact that it is a blue grizzly.

Rose also makes Usato carry Blurin around for training and makes him run around the kingdom.

Blurin enjoys being carried around by Usato

Losing its family

After being chased away by the grizzly family, Usato meets a wounded black rabbit and heals it.

The rabbit begins spending time with him and helps him locate the den of the bears. Usato spends days observing the bears from afar, and one day he even sees a giant serpent monster.

The day he finally decides to fight the grand grizzly, Usato arrives to find that something got to them first.

He finds the parents slaughtered and the cub left to fend for itself. Usato deduces that the serpent killed the bears for sport.

He tells the cub to stay put while he gets revenge, but the cub doesn’t listen. When Usato finds the serpent, the cub is already fighting it.

Usato joins in and almost takes it down with the cub’s help. When the serpent rises again, Rose steps in to strike it down.

The cub is protective of Usato and Rose lets him keep the cub. They take the bear back to the rescue team base and that is when Usato names it Blurin.

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