Ayanokoji and Sakayanagi’s rivalry in Classroom of the Elite explained

Sakayanagi promises to have Ayanokoji expelled because she considers him a strong threat to Class A in Classroom of the Elite.

Arisu Sakayanagi is the leader of Class A and a brilliant student who enjoys pulling the strings of others to remain on top.

She has a physical disability and walks around with a cane for support. She establishes herself as the leader of Class A, although she faces competition from Katsuaragi.

Sakayangi initially asks Kamiro Masumi to observe Ayanokoji and Karuizawa. When rumors about Ichinose begin to spread, Masumi tells Ayanokoji the truth.

It was all a ploy by Sakayanagi to get Ayanokoji involved and see how he influenced the issue.

Her father is also the school board’s chairman, so Sakayangi is aware of the “White Room” that Ayanokoji has come from.

A not-so-friendly competition

After getting him involved in Ichinose’s problems, Sakayanagi reveals that she did it to grab his attention.

She suggests having a competition where she says that if she loses, she will probably get expelled.

However, if she wins, she will expose him as the mastermind of Class C. When the additional special exam is announced, Sakayanagi asks if their competition can be postponed.

She mentions that her father was suspended and the exam was arranged specifically to get some expelled, suggesting that Ayanokoji’s father might have been involved.

But Sakayanagi continues to target Ayanokoji using his classmate Yamauchi. Earlier in the year, she summoned him and built him as a pawn in her game.

When the exam stated that they had to expel their classmate, Yamauchi suggested Ayanaokoji’s name to Kushida and she spread the consensus.

Ayanokoji finds out from Kushida that it was Yamauchi who suggested his name first, and immediately deduces that Sakayanagi was behind it.

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